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Agecroft RC boat trestle design

If you use this I'd appreciate knowing about it. I get a steady trickle of downloads - roughly one a day, year in year out - so the file is obviously of some interest, yet I never hear from anyone. Send mail to the address below (sorry it's not clickable, but that's a recipe for even more spam).

Random Fragments of Knowledge: my blog in which I document and detail various technical things which I've worked on and which I found not to be easily available in one place. Mostly Linux and Windows things, though I'm not a Windows man any more these days.

Clara webmail

Carl Douglas's instructions for creating buoyancy chambers in non-buoyant boats

Description of how to replace the canvas decking on a single scull

Trafford Rowing Club

Trafford head briefing video

Trafford Head: allowing a following crew to pass